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To Report A Online Scam

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To Report An Online Scam That Warns Others!

To report an online scam on the net will help other people. As the internet grows, it’s certainly guaranteed more online scammers will appear on a daily basis! Please report an online scam to help curb the buzz and save the heartache of people losing their hard earned money. These so-called “Online Entrepreneurs” can have little regard to your future and care more about lining their own pockets!



To help other folks from being scammed, if you have come across a possible SCAM or less than honorable Marketing Proposal, please report the online scam and leave details below in the comment area. I will then do a “Review” of the suspect site and let everybody know the outcome on this page.

let’s keep the Internet a safe place to conduct business by exposing one SCAM at a time.

I would like to thank you for visiting, Report A Online Scam and wish everyone a safe journey on the web.

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Is It A Scam Or Legit?


What Is The Richmond Berks Program All About?


Is this Affiliate opportunity legit and what is the Richmond Berks program really all about?

DOMAIN REGISTRATION: 29/09/2016. Before this company was orchestrated, John Richmond and Klint Berks joined up with 3 other men to start a corporation in 2009. They specialized in the purchase of real estate at auctions and then sold them on a secondary market.

In 2016 due to conflict of interest, Richmond and Berks sold their shares and founded a new corporation-“Richmond Berks.” No latest records can be found about this new company anywhere online!

The fact that no information could be found and the collapse of partners due to conflict of interest is a bit concerning. This usually can happen when a company is in financial trouble, so hence the rating of 7 was given.


CO-FOUNDERS: John Richmond and Klint Berks.




Conclusion: Not really a scam but like all Ponzi Schemes, People and Affiliates looking into joining should be careful. Details below left for the comment by Glen.


What Is Cash 4 Adds Scheme All About?


Is this Affiliate opportunity legit and what is Cash 4 Adds program really all about?

DOMAIN REGISTRATION: 29/10/2016. Origin of Domain is likely to come from South Africa.

FOUNDER: Craig Haywood.




Conclusion: Not really a scam but with all Ponzi Schemes, People and Affiliates thinking of joining should read the reply comment left for Robert.


I would like to thank Nick Pratt for references used.


What Is The Emergency Commissions All About?


Is this Affiliate opportunity legit and what is The Emergency Commissions program really all about?

DOMAIN INFORMATION: Could not find any domain details and is likely to have privacy setting deployed.

CO-FOUNDERS: Desmond Ong and Henry Gold.

Both very accomplished business people with considerable Years Experience in driving traffic and Affiliate Marketing.

BUSINESS MODEL: Traffic Leads and Affiliate Marketing.


CONCLUSION: Although I think this proposal is worth consideration, it’s not really suited to inexperienced people. I don’t like the fact their website implies anyone can make money in a couple of days! This one is better suited to the professionals and has scope for driving more leads to an established website. You can read more on Emergency Commissions in the reply given to Kerin’s comment. Registered & Protected

8 thoughts on “To Report A Online Scam

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I want to share my opinion about Digital Altitude. It seemed so shiny and attractive that I never imagined it could be a scam.
    I signed up for the free trial, acutely aware that I should be super careful before paying. The coach seemed too pushy. I researched them and realized that I am saved from a big rip off just before paying.
    They are hypnotic talkers and have conned many people. The program is suitable for only those who feel no guilt learning the art of ripping the hard earned money of others.
    The owner was a part of Empower Network, which scammed and ruined many lives.
    Thanks for hearing me out.

    1. Thank you for letting us all know about Digital Altitude, Gautam. People that are not all that genuine often use “pushy” methods to recruit new members. I think you did the right thing by doing a review of the company after joining a free membership. This is a great practice to get into and is one method that can save us a lot of heartaches!
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. I came across one called
    I thought something was up when I saw the person hosting this video demonstration said he went for a swim in his pool and then 17 minutes later, he logged into his account and saw a $230 commission waiting. That made me laugh. He then offered this program for $9.95. After doing more research, some said after paying the $9.95 led to more programs to buy in order to start earning money. So the $9.95 didn’t stop there. I’m glad I didn’t get tempted into this. when I find someone asking for an upfront fee to get started and claims they earn money that quick, that’s a red flag.

    1. Thanks, Karin for bringing Emergency Commissions to my attention. The company is run by Desmond Org and Henry Gold. These two guys are very good at what they do and this is a new company just released recently.
      I couldn’t find any really bad reviews, but there are plenty of people promoting the company. The website itself isn’t keyword focused and I don’t think many would use when searching online. It is however splashed all over YouTube and on the usual Social Media Platforms.
      There are 3 upsell stages and for $1200 total value of the package, I would say they are quite considerable. I also noticed you can’t move on to making any real money without the upgrade! I found their homepage to be kind of pushy and was focused on people that want to make quick money. This was disappointing and they would have been better off targeting “Advanced” Marketers.
      Alarm bells also rang for me when they have slashed the price from $197 to just $9.95!

      Emergency Commissions is an Affiliate based company and they teach you to drive traffic to whatever’s on sale. Can’t argue with that, but one would think that you need a website first!
      Sites take time to build and I think this proposal would be better suited to Professional Operators.
      Unless you’re a very capable Entrepreneur I would give this a miss to, Kerin.
      I belong to a very beginner, in the middle, and an advanced friendly company that will teach you all you want to know when it comes to making money online. You can check out my, Learn the ways to make real money; Wealthy Affiliate Review.
      Best regards,

  3. This is a great idea, Jeff. I come across this dubious looking business opportunity on the net the other day. Can you have a look at their proposition on their website link below and give me a second opinion if they are genuine!

    They are in real estate investing and offer guaranteed rates of return on investments. To quote their website, “Our clients get a guaranteed profit in proportion with their investments, while the company gets a fixed percentage, which depends on the estate transaction costs.”

    It may be a legitimate business, but whenever I see guaranteed profits, the alarms go off.
    Thanks for this, Glen.

    1. Thanks for being the first to submit a proposition that could be a scam or just too good to be true, Glen.
      As soon as I looked at your message, I clicked the link and tried to join up inserting my email and password. I was rejected twice and the fault message was saying that my details had already been logged in! This is not a good sign, but I moved on and looked at what they were offering.
      From what I can see, the Richard Berk Program looks like an MLM Ponzie Scheme. Traditional MLM Platforms normally sell products, which in turn is advertised and sold by the Representatives. The Richard Berk Platform seems to be recruiting Affiliates that join by paying a sum of money. They then, In turn, recruit other people to join, pay their fee and the circle continues.
      From what I can gather, If an Affiliate makes $100 from getting other Affiliates to join is then paid approximately half of the amount earned.
      These types of Ponzi schemes usually fade out once the interest has fizzled out and in most cases, the admins of this company make the money.
      It is also interesting to note, I could not find any information on Richard Birk anywhere online. If he has been around for 8 years doing Realestate Investmestments, you would think the information would be available for him.
      As such, there is no such thing as “Guaranteed Profit” when dealing with online proposals.

      I would not call it a scam, but the way it’s set up, I would look at the proposition very carefully before departing with your cash! The ideal time to jump on any MLM Ponzie Scheme is when the initial corporation first launches its program.
      Hoped this has made things a lot clearer, Glen.
      Best regards,

  4. Hello Jeff
    Having read your report I have to agree and add that with the growth of the internet people will have to expect there will be other people trying to rip them off just as much online as they do off line.
    I myself have come across plenty of programs what I thought were a bit risky to say the least, but the latest one I’m not too sure about.
    Its called ‘Easy Cash 4 Ads’ and for the life of me I can’t find out what I’m supposed to promote.
    How am I going to make money if there isn’t something for people to buy?
    Perhaps you know about this program and can give me an answer.
    Robert Allan

    1. Had a good look at Ads 4 Cash and it looks to be a Ponzi Scheme. There are no actual goods sold and recruited Affiliates are paid to recruit other Affiliates. Cash 4 Ads uses a 2-up system and works using a Unilevel Compensation Structure.
      Affiliates that want to join pay a $17 joining fee in which $7 goes to the admins and the other ten dollars goes to the recruiting Affiliates upline. This means Affiliates need to sign up 3 Affiliates in order to make any money due to the use of a 2-up system. This means the 2 first commissions are passed to the up lines.
      This means that most Affiliates will probably lose their money. These types of Ponzi schemes normally die out when the buzz and interest decreases. This is mainly due to Affiliates realizing that’s it a bit of a no WIN!
      Hoped this review has shed more light on this scheme, Robert.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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