How To Master SEO Tags For Higher RankingUsing HTML Header Tags

To Learn Doing HTML Tags

how to insert html tags

How to Succeed To Learn Doing HTML Tags


To Learn Doing HTML Tags
How To Correctly Insert HTML Tags


Learn How To Succeed Inserting HTML Tags 


learn how to succeed inserting HTML tags can help search bots index the page material a lot fast! There are 3 main header Tags in HTML that we should use, and if inserted correctly can have a huge impact on website ranking. HTML Tags are used for page titles (H1), paragraph title headings (H2), and subheadings (H3) (text body that is under the H2 Title Tag). This tells search engines to know what your page and material are all about. When done correctly, header tags can improve your position in Google overnight. Of course, this is not a miracle fix. If you haven’t got good quality content throughout your website, you won’t rate!!


3 Main Types Of HTML Header Tags

There are 3 main types of headers we use and can be easily accessed through our WordPress toolbar. If you’re using some other website platform, the header dropdown would be under your paragraph titles. Have a look at the image below to see what they look like.


WordPress Heading 1 tool bar.


  • Header 1 Tag is used for your main page heading. The H1 tag must describe the main title keyword of your Page Title, and preferably at the start. This title header must only be used once. The only exception to this rule is; if you have two completely different topics on the same page or post.


  • Header 2 Tags are used to explain the underlying paragraph contents. The H2 tag is a superb way to make your text “stand out,” and are also great for people that skim read articles! You can use these tags as much as you like as long as the information below is relevant to the header being used.


  • H3 Tags can be used under H2 tags to give more information on a subject that is relevant. The H3 tag is best placed under an H2 heading and can contain keywords that explain what the heading and content are all about. It can also be used as a sub-heading on its own to describe underlying content.


Where’s The Best Place  For Your Headers?


The best place for your headers is where you need to separate the content on a post or page. They can be placed as a separator for your paragraph headings or subheadings. For example, I always use an H1 heading at the beginning of a new post or page. The H1 heading must include separate keywords to the title, but describes what your page is about and be placed at the start of your content.


Say my page title on a new post was; Learning To Drive. WordPress by default adds the Title HTMLTag; Learning To Drive which you will see on publishing a new page. Just under the main title, click down 2 spaces and add the H1 header tag. Your header tag, like the WordPress Title Tag, must contain the same information of what your page is about. For example; H1 Tag, Learning To Drive The Safe Way. As you can see, I’ve kept the title keyword in the main body of the H1 Tag and created a whole new keyword to rate for.

This practice is not well known but can improve Search Engine Bots experience in determining what your page is all about. It is very important just to use the H1 Tag only once! The only times you can repeat the tag again is if you have different topics on the same post. A good example of this would be a page with ROLLING Posts on.


Title Tags And H1 Header Tags


Title Tags and H1 Header Tags are a great way to get better SERP ratings. Check out the following video below for more info.


You can follow the same principle with the H2 and H3 tags. I normally add an image just under my H1 heading and place my title keyword upon downloading. Under the image you can place your H2 Tag as follows: Learning To Drive Safely For Less.


Under the H2 tag, you can now add your brief description of what the page is about. This is done by using an H3 tag


Learning to drive safely for less can be accomplished by etc, etc. This page was set up to teach folks to etc, etc.


Only put these 3 header tags at the top of your web page. Once completed, you can use your H2 tag to start of your topics.


Best Methods to Learn How To Drive!


Under the H2 tag above, just write as normal from here using plain text. You can use the Heading 2 and 3 as much as you like, but only use them to describe the contents below. There are more heading tags on the drop-down bar (H4, H5, and H6) and they act as the same purpose. I don’t use these tags as they are too small, and generally, serve no real benefit!  Only use your TITLE KEYWORD no more than 2 times on a single page. I normally place an extra one in closing at the bottom of my page or post.

I’d Like to thank for references used.


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Leave me A comment below on any thoughts you may have about HTML Tags. Registered & Protected RXDM-9EYZ-P0YU-YIIA


20 thoughts on “To Learn Doing HTML Tags

  1. Hi, Jeff. I have been struggling with HTML Title Tags for some time now and glad to find your website online. compared to some other sites on the net, your information was easy to follow and I now have a better understanding. I am definitely going to try and incorporate your suggestions on how to place HTML tags. do you have any information on how to use keywords with title tags Heading on your site? over to my website now to see what changes I can make to improve my rankings!

    1. HTML Tags to increase website rankings online is quite tricky to learn and I’m really glad I could help you out here.
      Google bots skim through your website the way we read a book, but much faster. The HTML Tags tells the search engines what your website page is all about and where it should be categorized under. Having clear tags that tell the story of your page will ensure the search bot will read your text and will be far more likely to index the material.
      I came across so many websites online that muck this up, and these sites are normally down on the rankings. If a search engine algorithm gets confused to what exactly your content is about, just like us they will cut their visit short.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a scam free way to learn how to get your websites on page 1 of Google
      You can also visit check out my keywords page for tips on how to find high ranking keywords to use in your HTML Tags.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. My goodness, you have a lot of very useful information here. I love it! I bookmarked your site so I can come back and refer to it as I build my website. I am just beginning my journey in online marketing and still trying to figure this out. I haven’t ranked yet and am still in the beginning stages of trying to set things up. I am still learning the ropes and the information on your website has helped me heaps. I also like your implementation of the different animals that are unique to Australia. Hopefully, I can do well enough with my business to one day be able to travel to Australia. It is a country that has always fascinated me. Thanks so much for your help. Have a g’day! 🙂

    1. I remember when I first started learning Internet marketing, and it only seems like Yesterday. I first started on the net doing Multi Level Marketing which I enjoyed, but found the support one needs to succeed in this business was virtually nonexistent. A good friend of mine suggested I look into a company called, Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platforms and the rest is history. The training and 24/7 support are excellent, and 2 Years down the track, I’m still there going strong. Just stick with it because the rewards for putting in the efforts can have you traveling to Australia to see our unique Animals in no time.
      Best regards,

  3. Thanks Jeff. Very informative and helpful! I will be sure to use your excellent SEO tips on my new website as I build it out.
    Cheers, Tasna.

    1. Thank you Tasna for your comment. Using HTML tags are an extremely effective way to let search engines know what your page content is all about on initial contact. A lot of people do not apply the HTML tags the correct way and this can hurt the search engine ranking of a website!
      Best regards,

  4. Hi Aussie,
    Great article. I have been searching for a website which provides complete information about headings. Finally i got it. Now, I have to change my headings according to your ideas and finally hope my website ranking will rise!
    Thank you.

    1. All too often I see websites online that do not utilize headings on their sites. Heading Meta Tags are used by Search Engine Bots to determine what the site page topic is all about.
      Major search engines such as Google algorithms will penalize your website if they do not understand what the material is about and will leave your site sooner. Just like a good book, the title grabs your attention and gets you ready for the opening paragraph.
      Best regards,

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