To Avoid A Online Scam

To Avoid A Scam Online
Solid Ways How To Avoid Online Scams

How To Avoid Online Scams On The Net


Knowing ways how to avoid Online Scams on the net can be the best methods for avoiding them. This page was set-up to show you how to spot online scammers and tricksters. People that are suspicious online, send out certain Tell-Tail Signs which “can” be picked up. There are literally 1,000’s off scams on the internet, and 90% of all people seeking their online career feel that they have been ripped off!!


That does not give the industry as a whole a good outlook and that doesn’t sit easily with me!! If you have ever been scammed online and would like to share so I can warn other folks, please leave in the comments area of my scam warning page in aid to warn others.


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There is nothing worse than working hard for your money only to have some idiot make you part ways with nothing in return.


There are a few obvious ways to determine if a product is a scam and I base all of my product reviews on my site on these principles.


Ways to Avoid Scams Online!


Ways to avoid scams online can be done by following certain practices when surfing the net. Signs of a scam can vary, but if you are diligent when looking at a new venture you can improve your chances of not being scammed. Below I have listed 8 ways to avoid scams and give you the tools that can save you your hard earned money!


#1)  Can’t Contact Them on Their Site.  I am sorry, but if a company cannot offer you an easy way to get in touch with you on their website, then you should be “wary”.  This will be Tell Tale Signs of things to come, and if you do contact their support and you don’t get a response within 48 hours, you should not make a purchase (this can be a quick test you do to see if the product is legit).


#2)  A 60 Day Guarantee.  If the sales page of a product constantly states the fact that there is a guarantee, chances are it might be a scam.  In particular, if it is a “60-day guarantee”, which typically means that it is a Clickbank product that typically means that the product is likely a low-quality one.


#3)  Constant Upsells.   If the product makes you buy, then tries to make you buy again…it is likely just the start.  One of the most common scams online is “low ticket” initial sales (ie. $7 products).  As soon as you make your purchase, you then get inundated with upsells, down sells and sideways sells and before you know it you have been offered $100’s (sometimes $1,000’s) of addition products you need to buy to complete the program.   This is why I tend to recommend products that you can “try before you buy.”


#4)  Outrageous Claims of Success.  “Success overnight is not possible”, and any product that claims $1,000’s of income in the first month is an absolute scam.


#5)  Fake or Scammy Pictures.  If the product sales page has a big mansion, a fancy Lamborghini, or someone sitting on the “beach with a laptop in their hand”, chances are the product is a complete scam.   Companies that need to showboat like this are typically lacking in the credibility and actual product quality department. Avoid at all measures.


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#6)  Flashy Websites Can Contain Adware.  Flashy websites is another way the bull dusters (liars) can influence you to participate. Ad Banner’s and pop-ups that can hide adware (Information Stealing Applications) are all designed to grab your attention….  Avoid at all times!


#7)  Websites That Can Inject Malware or Drive-By Downloads.  Websites that are often operated by these “scammers”, don’t play by the rules like us honest folks. They can embed viruses to “steal our personal info” into our computers just by clicking on the website. They can “grab” your hard earned money, and prey on our weaknesses, our inhibitions, and our eagerness to make money online. So to make us wary of these scoundrels tricks online, employing knowledge as our defence… works best!  The safest way to go is before you even click on their site, have a look at what is written on the “google” page. Avoid such phrases as… Start making money now: Create instant wealth; New ways of making money online; You can make 1,000’s in your first month and Easy to do. By following my tips, you can dramatically cut your chances of becoming a victim of the online World.


#8)Never Give Your Credit Card Details on Initial Sign-Up.


Credit card or bank card.
No Credit Cards Needed To Join

If a company or organization request your credit card details for a FREE trial or a free info pack, please tuck your credit card away. Initial sign-ups should always be completely free whether it’s for an information pack or free trial look at the proposed proposition.

There are two major reasons they may ask for your credit card details and 1 of them could cost you dearly if you are not 100% sure of the company!

#1)  When you sign up for a free trial using your credit card, you will not be charged for that trial period; However, and this is where a lot of people get caught… If they don’t like the course and forget to cancel before the trial time expires, the company can take out the first months payments. This will continue to happen until the said proposition becomes null and void.


#2)  Whilst the paragraph above could cost you some money, this proposition preys on unsuspecting people and could cost you thousands.  Never give your credit card details to receive critical information packs or free samples to start your business. I’m not saying for one second everybody applying this application to their structures are scammers, but in most cases, more people get caught with this one than anything else. Applying some strategic practices, particularly researching the company and trying to contact them can save you heartache!

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I thank you for visiting To Avoid A Scam Online. Have you ever been scammed pursuing your online career? If this is the case, please leave details of the scam in my comment box. This way I can help warn other folks on this matter! I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and I will


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answer you back within 48 hours. Make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it with online subject’s that I come across that I know you will find interesting. Anyways, I wish you all the best in your business endeavors and thank you for dropping by.

A Very Big Cheers,


Founder of How To Succeed At Online Marketing

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22 thoughts on “To Avoid A Online Scam

  1. These are some extremely helpful tips that you have given us.I have bookmarked your page, as I will use it as a reference checklist whenever I come across an opportunity that looks dodgy.

    There are some sites, that also have the ‘limited offers’ or ‘countdown timers’ to get one to take the offer.In your opinion, are these considered scams, or should I consider them legit?


    1. Thank you for commenting, Roopesh. Limited Offers and Countdown Timers are designed to catch you off guard.  It creates an illusion in your Brain that if you don’t click or take up the offer right away, you will miss out! The truth is that businesses that do this type of advertising need your Business. In other words, they have way too much Stock they want to get rid off or people aren’t buying into what they are promoting. This method of selling can also be used by Scammers also and diligent care must be taken. Most Reputable Online Companies don’t have to use these tactics so the best way not to get scammed online is to avoid them.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. I usually thought that companies that guarantees were good and that they believed in their product. I didn’t think that it was such a red flag to look out for.

    Do these companies even follow through on their money back guarantee? I have seen some companies that make you go through a bunch of hoops before getting your money back. Its way to much of a headache and I’d rather just take the loss.

    1. It’s hard to say, Jessie. Some Platforms that offer a money back guarantee are the real deal and others like you say make you jump through hoops. The problem is, There are so many Internet programs on the net and it’s so hard to know who’s telling the truth and which ones aren’t. To avoid an Online Scam the best option open to us is picking a program that has a Free Membership!

      Make sure if you take this option, they don’t require your Credit card details to join. Joining for free can let you test the waters, ask questions, and generally scope out the platform before paying any money. This way there’s no confusion in telling if they’re being upfront or going to take you for a ride.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of those Companies that offer a Free Membership Joining without the need to produce any Credit cards. It only will cost you a bit of your time and who knows, I did and I’m still here 3 years later.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Some of your points came naturally to me (1, 4, 8) but I haven’t even thought of something like adware and malware mentioned in points 6 and 7.
    If one considers your advice has potential to save a lot of money…priceless article!

    Out of curiosity…have you ever been scammed online? If so how?:)

    Thank you,

    1. I have not officially been scammed online before because I’m very cautious what information I give out on the net. Scams can take on many forms and sometimes you don’t even know you have been hit until it’s too late!
      Online Entrepreneurs that advertise easy fortunes to be made in short time periods shouldn’t be taken lightly. These kinds of platforms usually offer little training and support once you have paid your money…
      This is why I’m with Wealthy Affiliate for the scam free environment that it is.

  4. Hey there Jeff, this is an excellent and informative site you have here. I have been scammed once, and that never would have happened if I had found this site sooner. I love your list on ways to avoid the scams, all the bases are covered and all the red flags are exposed.
    G’day Jeff, and keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brad. Really sorry to hear you got scammed before and I hope people that scam others will get their just rewards. I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate is 100% scam free and they don’t have constant upsells. If you are thinking of starting an online career, this learning platform on how to run a profitable home business is one of the best legit company’s on the net today.
      Best regards,

  5. This website provides a valuable service. I was trying to find where I could get the money together to pay the hefty up front fees one outfit was charging to get into the remarkably rapid money making business of Internet marketing. Fortunately, I did have the wits to ask myself, if it is all that lucrative, why don’t they start you for free, then pay after you are making money?
    Believe me, I was thrilled to find the program you have includes all the training and support, I get started for free, then a small monthly subscription fee for absolutely EVERYTHING else. And even a 40% reduction for an annual subscription. Thank you, Aussie Jeff!

    1. Glad I could be of service to you James. I’m really glad you have found the online marketing platform at Wealthy Affiliate is the best you have seen. Working online has lots of challenges and Wealthy Affiliate training and support structures are top notch!
      Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you need any help?
      Best regards,

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