Know True Blue Ways How To Tell The Meaning Of Aussie Speech

True Blue Meanings On How To Understand Aussie Speech


Know True Blue Ways How To Tell The Meaning Of Aussie Speech
True Blue Way To Find Meanings Of Australian Slang


What Are Australian Slang Terms That Aussies Use?

What are the Australian slang terms that Aussies like to use? Aussies love to use Australian slang terms as much as possible and you will see Aussie slang words and meanings throughout my site. Ever heard of “Flat out like a Lizard drinking”  Have a gander at this video to see what us Aussies are talking about.



Below are some Dinky-di sayings that I use, including some bonza pictures and captions to go with them.

Have any great American sayings, I would love to hear them? Just leave them in the comment box below this page.

 Great Australian Sayings:


Great Aussie sayings that Australians love to use.


Agro=Someone that is being aggressive or showing signs of aggression.

Snaggers sizzling on a Aussie portable grill.

Avo=Time of the day. From 12 pm to 6 pm.

Bangers or Snags=Sausages (This is what we put on the barbie a lot)

Barby=Short for barbecue.

Bushie=Person that prefers to live in the bush.

“Bugger Off!”=To tell someone to go away.

Bull Duster=Person not telling the whole truth.


Buet=Great! “That will be buet mate.”

Cheeky=Slightly naughty, mischievous or bold.

“Cracker!”=Fantastic! Have a cracker day.

“Crikey!”=To be amazed or something good.

Australian currency showing four different notes.
Australian Currency Image Source

Crook=Not feeling well.

Cuppa=A hot drink or beverage.

Curry= To insult someone etc… 

Dinky-Di=To be truthful or genuine.

Dough=We call this money. “Got some dough mate.”

“Drongo”=A person that has been stupid or silly.

Exy=Very expensive.

“Fair Dinkum!”=To be truthful or genuine.

Feral Ute!=V8 ute.

Flat Out Like A Lizard Drinking=To pretend to be busy doing something.

“Good On Ya!”=Great work or well done.

Gander=To have a look, or to check something out.

Heaps=A lot of items or “thank’s heaps  mate for doing that job for me.”

Six glasses of Australian Fosters beer.
Fosters Australian Beer

“How Ya Going?”=”How are you doing?” We say this all the time.

Jolly Water=A cold glass of the amber fluid.

Kip=To have a nap.

Loose Cannon=Someone that is acting crazy.

Mozzies=Pesky Mosquitoes.

Mongrel=Not truthful or deceitful.

“No Dramas”=Not a problem, I can do that for you.

“No Worries!”=Don’t worry about it… It will be fine.

One-Off=Made only once or done only the once.

Postie=Postal worker.

Prezzy=A gift or present.

Reckon=Figure; think; assume. “I reckon this winter will be a cold one!”

Aussie sandwich with two layers of bread.
Aussie Sandwich Recipes

“Ripper!”=Fantastic; great.

Ropeable=Someone that is very angry


Schooner=Pronounced “schooner.” Large glass for drinking beer.

She’ll Be Wright=”Everything is going to be fine.”

Sickie=Taking a day of work.


Snag Bag=Sausage roll.

Fridge shelves with soft drink and water.
What’s In A Soft Drink?

Soft Drink=Pop or soda.


Spit The Dummy=To throw a fit or to give up something they can’t do.

Stroppy=Means if someone is in a bad mood.

“Sweet As!”=Really good or you are pleased with something.

The Lot=Everything. “I’ll have a burger with the lot.”


Ute=Pickup truck or utility vehicle.

White Ute on a white Australian beach.
The Australian Ute

Whinger=Someone that complains about everything.

Wobbly=”To chuck a wobbly.” (To be upset.)

Woop Woop=Most likely a place in the middle of nowhere.




If you have some great Aussie sayings, I would love to hear them! Or if you want to find out more about anything on this fab page, please do leave me a comment below and we can have a laugh together.

Cheers for visiting, Know True Blue Ways How To Tell The Meaning Of Aussie Speech and I wish you the sunniest of regards.


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We would like to say “thanks” to Wikipedia Wiktionary  Aussie Slang Holiday-Australia Nomads World and  K walk for references used.

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  1. Hi Aussie Jeff, I had to add my husband’s favourite saying – he’s always off to the ‘Watering Hole’ (Pub). Aussie slang is such fun to use. Cheers Isabel

  2. G’day mate
    Your webby is Beut, fair dinkum, and ripper mate!! put some snags on the barbie and open them tinnies !!! (I think wiki missed that one mate)
    Back to Queens English!!
    I will be looking at your site rather carefully in the future my Ozzie friend.

    1. I’ll chuck an extra snagger on the barby just for you, Gibbo! I love to have a laugh and your comment was a “Dinki Di” ripper.
      If there’s anything I can Do for you my friend, just shout out!!
      Best regards,

  3. WoW, this is an interesting page about Aussie slang words I can use when Downunder. Full of new information and fun that has amazed me. I will memorize them before I fly to Australia.

    1. Glad you enjoyed, Arshad. I hope you have a fantastic time when you arrive in Australia. Which part of the country are you of thinking to visit first? I can give you some advice on the best places to see.
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