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Know The Best Way How To Get High Quality SSL Badges

know the safe way how to get a quality ssl certificate

A Completely Safe Way To Get Quality SSL Certificates


Know The Best Way How To Get High Quality SSL Badges
Domain Host With Free SSL Certificates And Privacy Settings


What Is An Excellent Website Domain Host For SSL Security?


What is an excellent website domain host for SSL Security on the net that keeps the prices the same at renewal time? There are hundreds of web domain hosting servers, but is there one that has no upsells and increased fees at renewal time? Keep reading below As I reveal the answers to this question!


What Is A Domain Host Online That Has No Yearly Increases?


A domain host is somewhere you can host your domain name and website. But what is a domain host that has no upsells each Year?  The answer is, not many! I recently received a notice for my Domain Name renewal, I nearly fell out of my chair. Can’t mention any names but when I first purchased my domain it cost me around $12 and $10 for a private registration. One Year later they are asking  $44 to renew, that’s a 100% increase. I dread to think what it will be the year after!


I have 12 .com Domains, and over the next year that will cost me an extra $240. I’m so glad I found out this closely guarded secret when I did!


Domain.Com Price Increases.


How Much More Will It Be To Renew My Domain Name?


When we first buy our Domain name there is not much mention about renewal prices. We just assume when it comes time to renew, the price will be around the same price as we paid for it. After being hit with my bill, I did some diligent research on the net.

The results were predictable and found there is a way to find out what your next renewal costs will be. I have 12 domains registered and pretended to renew each one. The results varied with the lowest being $44 and the highest being over $64. Why the different variations in cost? They all cost me the same price to purchase!


Find Out How Much Your Next Renewals Will Cost!


Costs of Living

Below are 7 easy methods to check out your next Domain Name renewal costs.

#1) Go to your Domain Host and click on manage domains.

#2) Out of your list, click on the domain you want.

#3) In the settings area hover over Renew and click Renewal.

#4) Add your options and click next.

#5) Add required options then press finish. Please Note; You only need an SSL Certificate if you are directly selling products from your website.

#6) Confirm by clicking Checkout.

#7) Your new renewal price will be displayed. Return back to Manage Domains.

Some Domain Centres may have slight variations to the above, but you can always find your Renew button in the settings area of their website.


I Wish I Knew All This Before I Purchased My Domains!


Upsell Madness

Seeing things in hindsight would be simply awesome and could off saved me a lot of money, but in real life, this is rarely possible. We are trusting creatures by heart and we assume others are too!

Fortunately, there are people on the net that care more about you and not solely on their bottom line.

I wish I knew then what I know now, but if we could all see into the future we would all be multi-millionaires! I’m still a little upset because I trusted them to do right by me, but don’t panic…  Out of misfortune often comes a light that guides us to better ways of doing things.


There Is A Much Better Way In Domain Name Hosting


I’m not going to pretend for a minute that I now host all of my Domains at Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member there for a while now and I’m so proud to state this. Before I joined this Company, my trusting nature made me acceptable to marketing programs that weren’t 100% up front!

Yes! I have been misled a couple of times and that cost me a considerable amount of money with companies not been totally honest! This was my main “driving force” in creating this website so I can steer folks in the RIGHT direction and help them improve their lives for the better.


Would you like to save yourself some money not only in Domain Names and Hosting but in a wide variety of ways to start your online business? Let me show you the best ways you can Succeed.


How To Build A  Free WordPress Website!



No Upsells And Yearly Increases For Domain Name Hosting


Don't Panic
Don’t Panic! Help is Here.

Don’t panic! You can transfer your domain names to Wealthy Affiliate and it won’t cost you a cent. If you are just starting your online career and need to register your Domain Name, the process is easy peasy. Firstly you want to join up and the best thing here, “you” don’t  even need to give your credit card details.

With your initial sign up you will receive;

  • Free Training Courses
  • 2 WordPress Websites
  • No Upsell Domain Hosting
  • 24 Hour Support

This is all to get you started and is a great way to see if you like the Company. You can definitely make money whilst you are learning and there is no time limit to your free membership. Off course, if you need any help through I would be more than happy to assist.


What If I Have Domains Registered Somewhere Else?


Whois privacy contact details.
Whois Privacy For Free

Possibly you have domains registered with other organizations or are hosted on other marketing platforms? If you have registered domains but haven’t as yet started your online future, then the switch is no probs. If your domains are attached to a site builder and host, you can still have new domains set up at Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s say, “you loved what you saw” and after testing the waters you decided to switch. There are no probs with that and after all, you will be seeing what you can gain and the money you can save. The $49 a month is total value and includes:

  •   50 High-Speed Website Domain And Hosting
  •   Tons Of Marketing Modules And Videos
  •   Hundreds Of WordPress Websites And Templates
  •   24 Hour Site Support
  •   Definitely No Up-Sells
  •   24 Hour Support From Profesional Marketing Community
  •   Expert keyword Tool


Exciting News Just Released From Wealthy Affiliate


Free SSL Certificates
Free SSL Certificates

A “brand new” incentive is being released very soon at Wealthy Affiliate. I couldn’t believe this was the case, so I contacted Kyle & Carson(Owners of W.A.) To confirm what I was seeing. Their reply was speedy and straight to the point.

It’s Coming! Free SSL Certificates for all domains that are hosted with Premium Members will be in place soon. That’s the best news I’ve heard for a long time my friends, and it will save me a packet! Any website that contains an SSL is trusted more by Google & Bing (Yahoo) and can boost your SEO ratings.

Each SSL Certificate is worth around $100 per Year if purchased anywhere else, and with my 12 Websites hosted at W.A, I save myself $1200!


Free High-Speed Setting That allows You To Score 95 With Google Page Speed Insights Now Available!


I Want To Help You Get A Flying Start

Head to Wealthy Affiliate for your no obligation free look around and I’ll give you $250 worth of SEO Tips if you decide to join!! This amazing offer is designed to get your website optimized ready with correct placement of Meta Keywords for better Google rankings!

Here’s to your success, Jeff.


I’d like to thank you for visiting, Know The Best Way How To Get High Quality SSL Badges.


Founder of How To Succeed At Online Marketing Registered & Protected BPI0-JLM9-DRQV-U550

31 thoughts on “Know The Best Way How To Get High Quality SSL Badges

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Loved your post! Domain names are such a rabbit warren of do’s and don’ts and DNS and transferring ahh!!!! It confuses me all the time. So I like that a company like Wealthy Affiliate handles all that cool stuff. And SSL? Wow, that is a real bonus. I have checked out other companies and getting SSL is so expensive. So is privacy. So $49 a month, $15 for a Domain Name and you get all that. Sounds almost too good to be true Jeff. Love it.

    I have had a look inside Wealthy Affiliate and like what I see. They do seem generous with their community help and answering questions as are you. Just a quick one, is there much involved in getting the SSL set up? I imagine there would be a training on that?

    Thanks for the heads up,


    1. Most people don’t realize when they purchase a domain name for a website, there are usually attached to their Yearly Renewals. I had 12 domains registered with an online host provider and it was costing me $140 per month! Not to mention as well, the costs associated with each renewal time of the domains. Since Wealthy Affiliate started their own high-speed domain hosting service, I get free SSL Certificates with free Privacy Settings and all this for $49 a month.
      Can’t thank them enough! Not only do I save myself over $90 per month, the free website building, and marketing training is a real added bonus. Wealthy Affiliate also has a free Professional Keyword Tool which also saves me an extra $20 per month.
      Thanks for your comment, Jeff.

  2. Jeff!! What a great article!

    I can’t believe how outrageous that increase was!! Who knew that it could get that expensive, just to renew your domain? I’m glad I bought all my domains from Wealthy Affiliate. They truly are the best on the market for everything they do.

    My favorite this is the free SSL certification! Next to no one is offering this right now for free. It’s so great that that’s included in the Premium membership. I have tried so many other websites before, and I’ve been at Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and haven’t regretted one second of my time on there.

    I honestly didn’t even know before reading this that WA didn’t have rate increases on their domain prices. This is awesome info to share. I’ll be sure to reference this later for a post I’m working on right now.

    I hope we stay in touch! I’ll be bookmarking your website for later use! Thanks for the great read!


    1. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to register website domains if you plan on building a site for business or online marketing. When you take into account that SSL Certificates can cost $20 a month and big upsells each Renewal Year, you are way ahead. Wealthy Affiliate also offers one of the fastest high speed hosting on the net and comes with free Privacy Settings.
      In comparison, other Online Domain Hosting Sevices can easily charge with upsells over $40 per month. If your website was built by an online website creation business, then you might have to go with a domain host of their choosing. But if your planning on building a website for online marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the right platform.
      Learning how to succeed to build a website online at Wealthy Affiliate can save you a lot of money and includes lots of upsell free training videos, keyword tools, 24/7 site technical backup, and round the clock help is available from leading experts. There are so many benefits from a leading online marketing platform like this one!
      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Whenever Domain is mentioned the first thing come to mind is GoDaddy. Going back 15-20 years back, they are the only one I thought that offers Domain names. glad to know that other companies like Wealthy Affiliate do the same. SSL certificates are is very important if you want better ranking and if this is going to be offered for free with a membership, I think it is going to be well received. Thank you for that tip.

    What would you say is the different between the two, and for someone who has a very well-established website like myself, can I switch from GoDaddy to Wealthy Affiliate without any problems? thank you for the insights as I await your answer.

    Cheers, David.

    1. My first Domain hosting Company was GoDaddy too. The Wealthy Affiliate free Domain Hosting is for premium members and you can host up to 25 websites. Considering other domain hosting servers can charge around $20 per month with SSL Certificates, this can add up big time if you have 3 or more sites. Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is only $49 a month and includes free privacy and SSL certificate settings for the sites.
      The domains that are purchased outside of Wealthy Affiliate can be subject to price rises every year, where at W.A, all domains never attract an increase.
      The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are looking at revolutionary technology that will increase the Google page Speed Insights to 95/100 for mobile and desktop, this is happening as we speak. These scores are rarely seen and will definitely give all premium members of Wealthy Affiliate an edge in rankings.
      It’s really easy to switch domain hosting servers to Wealthy Affiliate. This is all done from the domain section and only takes a matter of minutes to complete.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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