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Know How To Get The Most Out Of A Keyword Tool

Know How To Get The Most Out Of A Keyword Tool
Rank Better With A Professional Keyword Tool


What Is An Online Keyword Tool Used For?


What is an online keyword tool used for when searching low competition keywords? An online keyword tool is designed to find low competitor keywords for the meta description title. That being said, there are a few rules that must be followed picking keyword phrases for a website.


How To Find Low Competition Keywords!


Low hanging fruit is all about how to find low competition keywords. If a keyword has too much competition you can bet your bottom dollar the Google bots will not rank you for your chosen keyword. The better option is to go for phrases that rhyme and have a lower competing score.


What Is A Low Competition Keyword?


Jaxxy keyword quoted search results.
Quoted Monthly Search Results For Keywords

Whilst it’s awesome to find low competing keywords, they must rhyme! As you can see above, the chosen keyword sentences outlined in RED shows a QSR of 51 and 52. This means that only 51 websites are competing for page spots online. Page 1 or 2 is where we want to be to earn a bonza living working from home with your very own internet marketing business.


5 Elements To Successful Keyword Searching


Jaxxy keyword platform page showing keywords that rhyme.

As you can see, all the key phrases above rhyme and sound perfectly natural in a flowing sentence. All good keyword search platforms have FIVE  elements on the top bar.


Understanding The Top Legend Bar


Jaxxy legend bar.
Jaxxy Legend Bar

#1) AVG=Average clicks per month for that keyword phrase.

#2) Traffic=Monthly amount of clicks to the keyword page.

#3) Quoted Search Results (QSR) Means the number of websites competing for that chosen keyword. You should aim for a rating below 300 QSR’s, but I find the lower the QRS the better.

#4) Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) Is an indicator to show your chances of scoring good ranking with search engines. GREEN means superb rating strength, whilst RED is average and YELLOW is poor.

#5) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Is number rated system from 100 to 0, being 100 is what we should aim for. I always go for the key phrases that rate between 100 and 82.


The Professional Keyword Platform That I Use!


What Is Keyword Stuffing?


A lot of folks ask me, what is keyword stuffing? Simply put, keyword stuffing is putting a chosen keywords too many times on a page… In the same paragraph.

Examples of this could be as follows… Are you looking for a free online keyword tool? Our free online keyword tool includes a free online keyword tool program, designed to give you the edge when you use our free online keyword tool.


Google Bots & Engineers Look For Keyword Stuffing


5 Small Robots shown to simulate google web bot crawlers.
What is a Web Crawler Bot

Keywords still, and will continue to be a valuable tool to get your pages ranked by Google Bots, but be careful… Keyword stuffing is Like driving a car drunk, you might get away with it a couple of times, but the chances of being caught increase the more times you practice this type of practice.



What Is The Best Free Keyword Tool?


What is a free keyword tool you can use when setting up a website? When I first started online marketing, I was lucky enough to discover an awesome learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This wonderful platform is totally free to join and gives you free websites and free training classes to use. Once you go Premium, this will allow you to instantly place low competing keywords into your websites using the free keywords tool. The keyword phrase chosen must go with your website theme, and make perfect sense within the sentence. Please don’t worry if you’re getting a little bit lost at this stage. SEO training can be a bugger and you can leave me a question in my comments section.


The Best Keyword Search Tool


One of the best keyword search tools that I use myself is Jaxxy.  Jaxxy offers 30 FREE keywords searches to download onto your website and I use this amazing tool every day. I can strongly recommend Jaxxy as possibly being the best keyword search tool available. The advantages of using A TOP notch program in your online business is invaluable.


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SEO keyword training for Google rankings can be quite tricky and some questions may arise with this subject. Keyword listing is still very much regarded by Google as important in SEO ranking and must be inserted correctly. Please leave me a comment below if you need any help or questions answered and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for visiting, Know How To Get The Most Out Of A Keyword Tool. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


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10 thoughts on “Know How To Get The Most Out Of A Keyword Tool

  1. Hello, thanks for sharing on how keywords work with SEO when wanting to get in the number 1 or 2 spot on google. My question is how many times should I have the title keyword within my post or page?


    1. Hi Dawn, please to meet you. To answer your question, are you writing 1000 word or 1500 words in the blog rolls?
      You can have the same amount of title keywords in pages and rolling posts, I would suggest a strong title keyword for every 500 words.
      Place them in paragraphs, but not together and the keywords must make natural sense within the sentence.
      Hoped this has helped Dawn. If you have any more queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Jeff, I’m glad I found your website on the net. Obsessed with online marketing I have to learn from sites such as yours – your site will certainly be added to my list of bookmarks. Still a long way away from making a living on the web, but learning marketing tactics from the experts can only encourage me, right?

    1. Thank’s for bookmarking my website Giulia. It’s great to hear you enjoyed my site, and wish you all the success that can come with running a home business online.
      Best wishes,

  3. I think if you stuff too many keywords into a website post. Google will definitely punish you if you do that.

    5 times of the title keyword in a 1,000 words post should do the job.

    What do you think about that?

    1. Google recommends that our blog posts should be 1500 words, but that’s not always possible.
      Yes! I would say 5 times is just on the borderline. 3 or-4 page title keywords would be much better suited to 1000 words. If you can manage a 1500 word post, 5 title keywords would be enough.
      Happy blogging and I hoped this has helped.
      Best regards,
      Aussie Jeff.

  4. Hi Aussie,

    My name is Kevin and I found this article on keyword tools very informative and helpful.

    In your opinion, is this the best keyword tool in the market?

    Thanks in advance for your attention.


    1. I’ve used the Jaxxy Keyword Tool and love all the extra tools this online platform provides. Jaxxy Keyword Tool was created by Kyle and Carson- same owners of the Wealthy Affiliate learning platform. Jaxxy includes a Site Rank Tool, comprehensive keyword analysis, and free training modules. Kyle and Carson have a free keyword tool for Premium members, but I prefer to pay my $20 per month at Jaxxy. Just click the Jaxxy link in my what is a keyword tool and you can try this platform for free. Whilst you are there, have a look at all the tools you can use. Please get back to me if you require any further info and I would me more than happy to connect and help you out.
      Best regards,

  5. Jeff

    Joined up with the free online training courses at Wealthy Affiliate and will bookmark your site. Your site will be very helpful to me in the weeks to come. Lots of tips and tricks about online marketing that will help.

    Thank’s, Aussie Jeff.

    1. Finding keywords for a online website to raise SEO rank is an important factor when formulating your pages and posts. Appreciate your comment and do let me know If I can help you further with choosing a good keyword to use.
      Best regards,

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