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Know Facts About Animals That Live In The Outback

australian animal in aussie outback
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Fascinating Facts On Animals That Live In The Aussie Outback


Know Facts About Animals That Live In The Outback
The Australian Outback At Sunset


Popular Australian Animals That Live In The Aussie Bush

Popular Australian Animals that live in the Aussie Bush are truly unique. On this page, I have gathered some popular Australian Animals and pictures on Kangaroos; Koalas; Numbats; Tasmanian Devils; Quokkas; Emus and the places in which they live. Sit back with your favorite brew, relax, and enjoy…


Kangaroos In The Australian Outback


Kangaroos standing in a field.

Kangaroos in the Australian Outback spend most of their days lying under the shade of an old gum tree. When it’s not so hot, you can see them grazing on grass in the fields.The Australian Kangaroo is a marsupial, which means they carry their babies called Joey’s around in a pouch, located at the front end of their body. They live in all states of Australia and eat grasses mainly at early morning and at dusk. If it’s a nice warm night, they often cruise around eating. They come in two colors, red and gray. The red kangaroos are much larger than their cousins and we often refer to them as “Red Boomers.” Much more can be learned about the Aussie Kangaroo and their behavior.


What Is A Koala Bear?


Koala Bear in a tree holding onto branches.
The Australian Koala.

People all around the World ask me, “what is a Koala Bear” and what do they eat. We’ll, apart from the Kangaroo, the Koala is Australia’s most popular animal and tourist flock over to see this cuddly animal. The Koala Bear spends 80% of the day resting and sleeping and eats eucalyptus leaves normally just after dusk. The Koala Bear is also a Marsupial and like the Kangaroo carries it’s young in a pouch. Both the Koala and the Kangaroo are Mammals, which means they feed their young with milk. The places you can find a Koala is all along the Great Dividing Range of Australia. Thousands of visitors come over to learn more about the adorable koala each year.


What Is A Wallaroo?


Australian Wallaroo close up.
The Australian Wallaroo

What is a Wallaroo in the Australian bush? Wallaroos are the baby ancestors of the Australian Kangaroo. The Wallaroos color varies depending on where it lives. In Eastern Australia, it’s color is a light gray, whilst in Western Australia, it’s a reddish color. There are two main types of Wallaroos, whilst the Eastern breed is called a Wallaroo, the western type is called a Euro. The Wallaroo prefers their own company and can be found lying under a tree, sitting on a rock ledge or the opening of a cave on a hot afternoon. It’s size varies, but they are about half the size of a normal Kangaroo. Would you like to learn more great facts about the Wallaroo and their habitats?




What Is A Numbat?


Numbat lying on the ground in the sun.
The Australian Numbat

What is a Numbat and where do they sleep? The Australian Numbat is a Marsupial creature that loves to feed on termites or white ants with its beak-like nose during the day. Being a solitary squirrel-like animal, the Numbat normally keeps in his home range. At night, this fury little critter loves to sleep under logs and is only found in the wild at Wandoo, which is located in the lower Southwest of Western Australia. Numbats need a habitat that consists of large termite populations. Whilst they will eat white ants if they have to, termites are their primary food source.



What Is An Echidna?


Not like the termite-eating Numbat of W.A, The Echidna can be found all across Australia.


Spiky brown echidna looking for ants.
Australian Echidna Facts

What is an Echidna and what do they eat? The Echidna diet consists of termites and ants and they use long claws and a pointy beak to extract them from their nests. When threatened, the Echidna uses their sharp spines to discourage predators from attacking. They dig themselves into the ground, only leaving the spines visible.






What Is A Tasmanian Devil?


People are full of wonder and surprise when they ask me, “what is a

Tasmanian Devil standing on a log looking up.
Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devil?” The Devils used to be found all over Australia, but it’s believed that Dingoes (Wild Dogs) eliminated the whole stock from the mainland. The only reason they have survived in Tasmania is that the Dingoes never made it over the Bass Straight. Tasmania devils are the largest Marsupials carnivorous that have their babies in a pouch in Australia.   In fact, the Tassie Devil is the World famous Looney Tunes Character… Often referred to as Taz. Taz devours everything in sight while whirling about like a miniature cyclone. Some of his favorite foods include Bears, Boars, Elephants, Goats, Ostriches, Wolves and especially RABBITS!



What Is A Quokka?


Rottnest Island Quokka looking around.
Rottnest Island Quokka

What is a Quokka and what makes this little animal so special? The Quokka is a small marsupial animal that resembles a Wallaby in appearance. They are nocturnal and being very social, they gather near water sources in groups of up to 150. The main population of 10,000 Quokkas live on Rottnest Island, but there is an improving amount of the species living in the Southwest of Perth, Western Australia. Thousands of visitors come over to Rottnest every year just to learn about the furry little quokka each year.



What Is An Emu?


Brown Emu walking around a rocky area.
The Australian Emu

What is an Emu and where do they inhabit? The Australian Emu is a ratite breed of bird. Flight is impossible for them as they have no keel on their sternum. Without this to anchor their wing muscles they could not fly even if they wanted to. What the Emus lack in flight capabilities, they make up for in speed. They can reach top speeds of 50 km and roam 100’s of kilometers in one day. They inhabit scrubland to grassland to desserts and feed on flowers, seeds, and grasshoppers.




What Is A Kookaburra?


Kookaburra sitting on a post.
The Australian Kookaburra

What is a Kookaburra and why do kookaburras laugh? The kookaburra is the largest bird of the kingfisher family and has a very large head with a dark eye streak. They are famous for their laughing Kookaburra call which usually occurs at dawn and dusk and is in fact, the call is for “marking out their territory.” They are found throughout Eastern Australia from the northern tip of Queensland right down to Tasmania. The kookaburra was also introduced into Western Australia. Their main diet consists of ground-living insects as well as mice, lizards, and small snakes. To catch their prey, like most Kingfishers, they sit quietly on a branch to then swoop down on their dinner.



What Is A Frilled Neck Lizard?


The Australian Bearded Dragon on a rock.
What Is A Bearded Dragon

What is a Frilled Neck Lizard and where do they love to hang out? Like most Reptiles, the frill neck lizard loves hanging out in the sun. Found in tropical to warm temperate Forrest, woodlands and shrubby grassed areas where it feeds on insects, ants, spiders and smaller lizards. They only open their frilled lizard neck when danger is sensed, but most of the time their frill is closed-up around their body. Found in Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory the frilly neck lizard is somewhat of an Australian icon.






What Is A Bobtail Goanna?


Blue Tongue Lizard crossing a road.
What is a Blue Tongue Lizard

What is a Bobtail Goanna and what do they love to eat? The Bobtail Goanna, commonly called the Blue Tongue Lizard loves to dig burrows or find an old tree stump for shelters. They are found all over Australia and love to eat small insects, flowers, fungi, berries and other fruits. Bobtails love to warm themselves in the morning sun and when roaming for food, do so in open forests, hummock grassland, shrublands and open coastal dunes. They prefer warm climates that have winter rains and many people keep them as pets.



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