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Is Clone My System A Scam

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Is Clone My System A Scam

Is Clone My System Legit Or A Big Scam?


There are many Online Opportunities that you can earn a passive income with, but is Clone My System legit or a big scam? Find out about what Clone My System offers and if this is a no-go area or somewhere we can make some extra money online.

Company Particulars:

Name: Clone My System

Website: clonemysystem.com/Clone My System Website Logo

Costs: Claims you can start for FREE, but it's $47!?

Owner: Justin? (Just a stage name)

My Score: 0 out of 10


Verdict: (SCAM) - This online opportunity is a typical "Get Rich Quick Scheme" that has on substance. Like typical programs of this nature, are no-go areas because they provide no real products or services of any value. Clone My System is just designed to play on peoples urgent needs to earn some extra money online to pay some bills or top up their salary. Invest in it and you'll be out-of-pocket by $47 Dollars.

If you want a genuine way of earning some extra money online-see a platform that provides all the resources and offers 24/7 Support and Help to build your very own passive income online business.

Is Clone My System Just A Pile Of Nonsense?

In this day and age where everybody has access to the internet, there seem to be scams galore everywhere we look. With so many “too good to be true” opportunities, it’s hard to put your trust in money-making programs at all.

So it’s extremely important to do your homework, which is why you’re here, right?

You’re definitely in the right place!

I’ve personally looked into Clone My System (CMS) and unfortunately, it’s just another fraudulent “get-rich-quick” system that targets vulnerable beginners just wanting to make some extra money to pay the bills. This is just one out of hundreds posing as a “legitimate” way to generate cash online.

The very first thing I picked up on with ‘CMS’ is that it’s a replica of the typical formula in-which these less than "MORAL" D-Heads follow. Since rounding them all up and placing on a deserted Island (isn't going to happen!)-we all have to be very wary when looking at these types of proposals.

Slimeball Formula!

  • Catch as many people as they can to turn a profit.
  • Offer no real product or services that work.
  • Don't have a "Free Membership" so you can check them out.
  • Use paid actors on Fiverr that are probably dead broke in real life.
  • Their 100% money back guarantee is worthless.

It's also really interesting to note that these "worthless" get-rich-schemes require no experience to start-just showing up with your cash is all they want. Have you ever heard of someone rocking up to a job with absolutely no formal training and then raking in the big bucks?

Just doesn't happen, right!

How This All Works To Make A Dollar

On the ‘CMS’ website sales page, there’s a seriously hyped up video by a guy called “Justin” who is used as a stage name and voice-over, so you don’t know the true identity of the il moral scammer which is often the case.

This well-spoken voiceover guy feeds you a well thought out story about his Millionaire dying father wanting to share a “secret system” with him that his dad and other marketers have been using. He even admits that his dad was ripping off unsuspecting people by using other low life systems to rope people in. "This is how he made his wealth and now dying from Cancer was his Carma!"

Looking into what was said, I would say that the system that's being used is not a "secret system" but a full-blown scam that allows Justin to make all the money he wants...!

According to Justin and his system, you’re “guaranteed” to make $3,000 per day on autopilot (even while you’re asleep) with no tricks or gimmicks or by Trading Stocks, Facebook Marketing, Hostings, MLM'S and the like.

System Clone Review


Put simply, Justin talks all kinds of blah to you – he shows ZERO solid proof that his system actually works and is LEGIT. He's depending on how badly you want to make extra money and hey, $47 to find out the "secret" Of creating wealth isn't much right!

If the concept of “get-rich-quick” truly existed on the web, wouldn’t we all be living luxurious and care-free lifestyles? Totally upfront programs such as Wealthy Affiliate include a free trial period so you can see what's all about before spending any money.

There All The Same Rip Off Merchants

‘CMS’ is designed as a gateway site for a bunch of money-making opportunities, two of which include ‘My Mobile Money Pages’ and ‘Accelerated Income Program’ – both also scammy programs not to be trusted.

The scammers behind ‘CMS’ like to cover all their basis by promoting different shams at one time.

Websites like clonemysystem.org, clonemysystem.net, and accelatedincomeprogram.net are all the same rip off sites just with different logo styles. All 3 contain the same info and hyped out approach. There YouTube video is the same and I have included this just below.

This video is different from Justin's main Sales Pitch where his father gives him the "Secret Formula" and can be found here: www.clonemystem.com

3 Reasons To Avoid 'CMS' To Save Your Money

If what you’ve learned so far isn’t enough to steer you away from the so-called system, here are 3 concrete reasons (or RED FLAGS as I like to call them) that might just change your mind and do the trick.


Justin tells you what you want to hear about making money online. These BOTTOM FEEDERS know all the tricks and they basically sell you “the dream” instead of “HOW” to earn an income with his system.

Scammers use strategies like this all the time because who wouldn’t wanna make an absolute fortune in the Online World from using magical systems that run on autopilot? Let's face it, the only people getting rich here is Justin and his cronies.


Like the majority of scams I come across, ‘CMS’ shows you short testimonials from a bunch of people who are apparently rolling in the cash, thanks to Justin’s system.

But it’s a big fat LIE because the folks never mention the name of the system, nor do they show any evidence of “HOW” they’re making thousands of dollars on a daily and weekly basis.

It's super easy to incorporate “successful members” comments and video voiceovers that are actually hired actors and actresses on Fiverr – a platform where anyone can hire people for all kinds of online services for a small fee per Gig. The truth is, most of these imitators are actually "Dead Broke."

#3: A ONE-TIME $47 PURCHASE: Where Do I Sign Up!

Justin Claims that you can generate literally $1,000s every single day just from investing $47 in a Done-For-You system.

Holy Ravioli, sign me up, NOW!!“…

...And that’s exactly the reaction that the scammers want from you. The “too good to be true” joining fee is designed to persuade you to pull out your credit card without giving it a second thought.

Who wouldn’t wanna get their hands on a fast and easy wealth-generating system for less than 50 dollars?

I’ve been an internet marketer long enough to know that it’s just not possible to achieve the huge amounts quoted from a tiny 2 digit investment.

In the real world of online money-making, it will require some training, education, resources, and support to start making money online. This won't happen overnight but in my experience, it normally takes a couple of months to start seeing some positive results.

-->>See Where I Learnt To build a Profitable Business With $0 Start!

Is Clone my System a Scam? These are just some signs that shout out “Scam Alert” with Clone My System.

Getting to learn these warnings can save you from getting badly burned in the future with other hoax opportunities.



  • I think that this system has ZERO good points for people that want to actually make money on the web. BUT on the other hand, the system is a great example of the type of rotten garbage to avoid at all costs.
  • Justin is the only one making money from this system.


  • Hype & false income claims on the sales page.
  • The testimonials aren’t even real.
  • The cheap joining fee is used as bait.
  • “Justin” is a fictitious person.
  • There are numerous versions of this scam circulating the web.
  • There are NO help and support structures that I can see.
  • Your email is required so they invade you with extra “get-rich-quick” schemes.
  • It’s designed as a doorway to totally different scammy programs.

My Final Thoughts About Clone My System

Like a lot of getting Rich Scams on the Net, My System Clone ranks right up there with the best of them. He has a sad story to capture your interests and this also works us a trust factor, but Justin can't be trusted.Thumbs Down

Unfortunately, ‘CMS’ delivers no value whatsoever and the only ones bathing in cash right now are the dirtbags behind it. From experience, there’s only one REAL way to make money on the web, it requires some effort on your part.

So if you’re sick to the pit of your stomach because of fraudulent programs like ‘CMS’ and you’re looking for a LEGIT way to earn an income on the web as an affiliate marketer, the platform below is my #1 PICK.

The Right Path To Making Extra Money Online For $0 Here

Your friend, Jeff 😃

Id like to thank you for visiting, Is Clone My System A Scam. If you have any questions, thoughts or even nasty experiences with ‘CMS’, that you’d like to share – We’d LOVE to hear your comments below…

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