How To Make Extra Money While Working Full Time

How To Make More Money While Working Full Time

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How To Make More Money While Working Full Time


Best Way How To Get A Extra Monthly Income

Knowing the best ways how to get a extra monthly income is not easy! With the way the Economy is, putting on extra workers is something far from their minds, so how do earn some more money if no one is hiring? There are a couple of scenarios that spring to mind here and even though the first idea seems a bit extreme, it’s probably what will have to do… Start baking Bread at home and selling your products on the corner or building an Online Business that can yield big dollars for future wealth!


How To Create An Online Business For Free


Working for a boss is something we all have to do unless you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t. I was sought of lucky in the fact that I run my own Car Detailing Business but due to harsh competition from overseas workers, I had to close up shop. One thing that saved me from financial ruin was the fact that I was able to make money online in my spare time whilst working. The way this all panned out for me was due to a lot of research on my part but I’ll share that with you a little later on. That horrible part of life was just over 3 years ago and it’s a safe bet that incredible times are ahead. I know go on holidays whenever the “traveling bug bites me” which is quite frequently these days.


Plane Trip

 The way I created this wealth for myself was not an easy road and some good old-fashioned hard work had to be applied. To create an Online Business for free and free is the KEYWORD, we must find a program where we can join, start our training and not pay any money whilst learning.

But before you can leave that job you have been doing you for years, certain things must fall into place. Bills have to be paid and food needs to be put on the table. How should one complete this task that 80% of the population can’t! There are no easy answers to this and “get rich” schemes will just push you backward. This is the part where so many people fail and only to find that just scraping by will be a daily choir!


Why Do People Opt-In To Get Rich Quick Schemes?


People opt-in for getting rich schemes because they think making money online is easy and will be some kind of a “magic fix” to their everyday struggles. This kind of mind fix is common and they normally end up paying through the nose for false promises. If making money was easy anywhere, we would be all living our lives like Millionaires!! In true reality, becoming Wealthy takes some work and commitment. If you want to lead the life you always wanted, don’t believe there are any fast ways to become instantly rich on the net…


Structures Needed to Succeed On The Net


Structured Building Blocks


To achieve the success that others just envy, certain conditions must come into play. Thousands of people try their hand at internet marketing every day and most of them will fail. It’s not because of the lack of trying, it’s mainly due to the way they started. Successful people online are no smarter than anyone else, it’s all due to structures that exist within their learning platforms. listed below are the vital elements that one needs to succeed and without any one of them, will limit your potential dramatically!


  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STRUCTURES: We all need help and receiving timely responses from expert people in the field is essential.
  • THE ABILITY TO ASK QUESTIONS: Getting stuck is commonplace and without the tools to ask questions, you will likely fail.
  • TO FIND THE LATEST MARKETING TOOLS: The internet is constantly evolving and keeping up to date is important to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • SEO TRAINING VIDEOS: Up to date training videos on how to get organic traffic to your websites.
  • WEBSITE TRAINING: To succeed online, you must have your own working website.



There are many legit Online Marketing Platforms that teach you how to start your business. The problem is, many platforms online include upsells on different stages of the courses to proceed. It’s kind of like climbing a tree if you can afford the next stage, you climb up. If you can’t afford to advance, you simply fall out of the tree. This is how many people do their money online and one of the biggest factors to why folks fail on the net.


Scam Free Way To Make Money On The Net


It’s no secret that I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been here for 3 Years and owe all my success to this internet platform. The Premium Membership Training is all inclusive and definitely has no upsells to complete the different stages. There is also a free membership available with no credit card needed to join and no time limits. Whilst every tool needed to succeed online is included in the premium membership, you can still build 2 free websites and host them with Wealthy Affiliate for free! There is also heaps of free training on how to create your website


What Is Included In The Wealthy Affiliate Training?


Below I have included a video on what is included with the Wealthy Affiliate Training. We have over 1.3 Million members here all learning the art of Internet Marketing



When Can I Quit My Day Job For Good?


Most people will take between 8 months to a Year to start making good money online. If you’re lucky enough to work with your new online business full-time, it can be done within 3 months. I would hate you getting scammed by someone saying you can earn $10.000 a week by following this plan… it’s just not possible! If you want to be in the top 10% of people to succeed online, then I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate 100%



Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for beginners to learn how to make money


Their step-by-step training, helpful support & resourceful community are charged at 
the very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the

Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It’s hard to find any negative
review of WA.

We’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts Below…

If you have any questions, thoughts, or experiences with Online Marketing or anything else on your mind you would like to share-We’d Love to hear from you below…

Your friend, Jeff. 😃

10 thoughts on “How To Make More Money While Working Full Time

  1. Thanks for the clear helpful article. My goal is definitely to replace my 9-5 job and secure my future making money online. It is good to hear others’ success stories. It helps keep me motivated!
    I know there are not any real “Get Rich Schemes” on the Internet and how long will it take me to build a website at Wealthy Affiliate?
    Can I do this whilst still working and how long does it normally take to start earning online?
    thanks, Enid.

    1. Internet Marketing is a good way to secure your financial future but there are a few things we should be aware of. Firstly! I’m really happy that you know that there are no fast ways to make money in life. So many people fall into this trap and the only ones that profit is the racketeers themselves! Another point to remember when starting an Online Business is the Training and Support you receive is a vital key when it comes to your Success. Many Online learning Platforms let you down in this area and this is the single biggest reason why people fail at an Online Startup!
      To answer your questions above, it takes about 4 months to build a website that will actually start ranking on Google. I was still working when building my Business and I think the majority of people do it this way. There are no easy paths building your financial freedom but the rewards that this offers far outways the effort we put in today.
      I would suggest joining the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and complete the training on how to set up a website.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Sounds very tempting, Jeff. I’ve been told that Wealthy Affiliate delivers a great education for online selling and a viable way to make money, but I’ve been burnt before, so I’m very careful. While I’ve seen lots of assurances that there is no big up-sell like MOBE and AWOL hit me with, I also heard that Wealthy Affiliate really doesn’t work efficiently unless you subscribe to an expensive keyword tool (called Jaxxy or something…). Is that true?

    1. it’s true that the free membership does not include a keyword tool. Whilst Jaxxy is a superb way to find Keywords and Domain Availabilities, Google has a free keyword finding service. The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership includes an equally FREE to use Professional Keyword Tool with Domain Name finder and purchasing capabilities. The Domains that are purchased here come with no yearly Domain Names increases for renewal and include free hosting. SSL Website Security Certificates, high-speed site speed, and free privacy settings.
      You can still make money with the free membership using an external keyword tool.
      Hoped this has cleared things up for you?
      Best regards, Jeff.

  3. Hi, Jeff. I’m looking to stop doing my day job for good because it’s not paying all the bills. I have been working full-time for many years and never seem to break even. I’m so sick and tired of struggling and so excited that I found your website. I see that Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership for me to join. I also noticed that there is a premium membership as well. Can I make money with the free membership and how long will this take me?
    Does the premium membership include everything I need to run a online business or is there upsells included?
    Looking forward to your reply, Brenda.

    1. You can make money with the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership. The free membership is best suited to people wanting to create a part-time income whilst still working full-time. If you’re serious about quitting the day job for good, then I would recommend that the premium membership would be better for you. To be able to succeed with an internet business, you will need expert help and support. There are many reasons why people fail at an online business and this membership will give you everything needed for your success.
      You can make money by joining for free but if you really want a better life, the premium membership will get you there a lot quicker. You can sign up for free to have a look around and I can introduce you to the best online community that we have here at Wealthy Affiliate. I will be more than happy to give you some guidance on the best ways to go.
      All the best, Jeff.

  4. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and really enjoying the helpful community. The step by step training videos about marketing and creating content on websites are easy to follow. I have been with other online learning platforms before and only have nice words to say. I recommend it for beginners. But also for people who have experience. It is very clear why the reviews on the net are so good. Five stars from me!

    1. Glad to hear you are happy with the training at Wealthy Affiliate, Jelena. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that there’s no upsells and scams! I too have belonged to online training platforms and didn’t make any money. lots of promises and upsells to complete another stage of the course.

      If people want a change in their circumstances and have the chance to quit the day job for good, Wealthy Affiliate is the place it can happen.

      Kind regards, Jeff.

  5. Hello Jeff,

    I will share a bit of my personal story. I am living with my father who is 100% dedicated to helping me succeed by covering our living expenses and allowing me to focus on building a home business. I recently lost my job just this last week and I’m fortunate to have some money saved up so that I can focus daily on building a website and generating the revenue to start living a better life

    I see by your website, you have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past 2 Years. I only have enough money saved up to live on for 1 Year. Can I start making money online with my website in this period of time?

    I tell this story to reiterate what you are saying, It is amazing how much the time at work was getting in the way of me setting up my own business and doing something that I’m obviously far better at.

    1. Your father sounds like a great guy helping you to create a much better life for yourself. Support is one of the key factors to succeeding online and without it, many will fail! There are people that are not so supportive of careers on the net and would prefer you to be unhappy working in a job you hate! The memory for me whilst working a day job and struggling to pay the everyday bills are not fond ones. I feel for those people who are still stuck in this situation as It will only get harder as time marches on! You can be a lot happier and healthier working online, but you must have the right training and support structures in place.

      In the answer to your question above, yes you can make a good living working from home in one Year. This will depend on the effort put in, but anything worthwhile you build in life takes hard work.

      Wealthy Affiliate is well equipped to teach you everything needed to succeed. It’s One of the best online training platforms and has been helping people to leave a day job for 11 Years. You can get a yearly membership for under $400 and this price is well under on most other training platforms for what’s included. You can see for yourself in the videos on my website’s sidebar.

      Best regards, Jeff

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