How To Increase Website Traffic

How To Succeed To Increase Website Traffic Online


To increase website traffic

Great Way How To Increase Your Website Traffic


A great way how to increase website traffic online is to harness the power of comments! Whether you’re a whiz at doing social media or you hate it, there is a way to improve site rankings! Below I can show you how to dramatically increase website views and how you can get your website ranked higher by Search Engines to start earning money sooner…


Do You Dislike The Time Spent Maintaining Social Media Pages?


Do you dislike the time needed to maintain all your Social Media Accounts To an acceptable level and appearance? Do you think having social profiles is a good idea just because everybody tells us it is? Well, the answer is Yes and No. Having Social Media Accounts can be an advantage if people are willing to share your information and actually click on a link to your website. But in many cases online, if your product or service isn’t unique or won’t become a “new trend,” then it can be a hard task!


Find Out The Secrets To Massive Increase In Website Clicks!


In fact, most people setting up their online businesses leave social media platforms until they get convinced by others that it’s a must! If you are doing social media pages just because everybody else is, this will show in your campaigns. I don’t do Facebook or any other media platforms for this website and I’m ranking on the first page for many of my posts! When you really think about it, what are your habits when viewing such platforms as Facebook? Do you keep up with what your friends are doing, or do you search for products and services that are limitless within? In reality, most of us haven’t the time to browse other subjects when visiting our Social Accounts, and it would have to be a super new product to catch the eye!

The truth is when we want to look at a product or service, most of us Google it!  There are far better ways we can use our time when it comes to getting our websites noticed by all major Search Engines. The secret to massive gains to traffic is SIMPLE, we must be on page one on Google!


Easy Method That Can Get Your Site Ranked Fast!


Rank higher

The method listed below are strictly for your eyes only! If you have to tell someone else, make sure that they are very close friends only.

Whether you love or hate doing Social Networking, there are much faster ways to get Google Authority. If social media is your thing, then combining your passion with the method below can be very powerful indeed!


Content, Engagement With Visitors, Visitor Responses Creates Authority!!


  • Website Content will always be “King” with Google’s Search Algorithms and backed up with lots of comments and the right keywords can elevate your site to page 1. The time taken to hit this very much sought out position will vary, but normally takes between 1 to 2 Months to gain the top spot! You could be on Facebook for a Hundred Years to have the same effect on the sites ranking.
  • The trick here is to get your website ranked faster by leveraging the power of comments that add Content, Trust, Authority, Site Engagement, and valuable Backlinks to entice Google to index what you are promoting.


Where Can I Get Comments For My Website!?


Getting comments for your website is not easy and only having a couple of comments on an entire site isn’t uncommon. We as a Society are becoming time-starved and sadly leaving comments for people is low on our lists. What would you say if I could show you where you can get hundreds of comments on your site and claim the Golden spot on Google’s page 1!


Website comments
I Have 450 Comments On This Site Alone!


Thanks to this Marketing Platform and the wonderful Professional Community that exist there, I have over 450 comments on this site alone. This gives me a huge “advantage” over my competition and I have numerous pages and posts on the top position of Google!


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Thank you for visiting, How To Increase Website Traffic. We’d love to hear your thoughts so do leave me a comment if you found this post helpful or need some tips to help your website rank.

Your friend, Jeff. 😃

2 thoughts on “How To Increase Website Traffic

  1. I found your page on increasing website traffic really informative. I have recently started to developed my website and I have read many articles regarding website development and your article helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing the information as I’m not very good at doing Social Media.
    You are right in what you said, you have to have a liking to do social media properly to have any success attracting new customers.
    Thanks, Albert.

    1. It’s all about what you are good at doing, Albert. Some people enjoy creating social media pages and this shows in the finished product.
      There is so much info on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter now, you have to create something very special for people to click on what you are advertising. There are much better ways to drive traffic to your website and learning how do do this can set you up for life! Thinking out the square box is what will get you rich, not following others just because everyone else is doing it!
      Joining a reputable company like Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to use keywords that can get your site posts on the first pages of Google. This scam free training platform only costs $49 a month and includes all the training you will ever need, 24/7 support from professional marketers, free website hosting, free keyword tool to find those keywords, free SSL Certificate for the sites you host, free 24/7 website support, and the ability to ask questions with answers to the problem within half an hour.

      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 2 Years now and I would not be where I’m today without them! There are so many scams and inadequate training platform out there now, and this will only get worse, Albert. I count my blessings every day that I found this company first!
      You can join for free without the use of a credit card, have a look around and participate in the training.
      You can connect with me at my personal profile at Wealthy Affiliate and I can give you some free mentoring how it all works.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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