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Free Website SEO Tools

Free Website SEO Tools
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Free Website SEO Tools And Other Useful Links

All the free Website SEO Tools and other useful links below are yours to use in building your online business. I have included some very handy Search Engine Optimization Tips to help achieve higher rankings with Google and Bing. I’ve also got general Online marketing advice links and ways on how to avoid a scam. There is also some great advice on how to search for keywords, jobs you can do on the Internet, and how to work home with Disabilities.



Free Website SEO Tools


Know How To Start A Great Job On The Internet

Knowing how To get a great job on the Internet that’s truly free to start is very hard to find! Many Online businesses can promise you instant fortunes, but is this really the case?  Unfortunately, there are not many operators on the net that have your best interest at heart. The following information is designed with you in mind and the best ways to make your money work for you without the possibilities of being scammed!


My name is Jeff Marshall and folks online know me as SEO Jeff. I owned and ran a successful Car Detailing Business for over 25 Years in Perth, Western Australia. Because of harsh economic times in Australia at present (been going for ten years now), I had to close up shop.

picture of myself wearing a black suit.

I had to find something to pay the bills and needed to find a business that had huge potential in these rocky times. Online marketing had always appealed to me, and working from home would save me a lot of money. I tried a few online programs including MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and wasn’t truly happy. Without mentioning any names, I spent a small fortune and being new to the Internet game, I found the SUPPORT and TRAINING needed to start an online business far below par.


The Reason I Love To Help People Make Money!

I have done very well in life and it’s now my time to give back! I still remember the days when trying to pay the bills was an everyday struggle, it’s what has made me stronger and more determined to succeed. I know in my heart that If I can make a living on the net, you can too. There are hundreds of platforms on the net to learn Internet Marketing, but only a couple have what you need to make it in this field!


Below is the Learning Platform that kicked off my career in Online Marketing and I’m still there Today. I looked at countless reviews of other Platforms before joining Wealthy Affiliate and this is the one I’ve stuck too! Wealthy Affiliate Online Training has over 900,000 members and was established way back in 2005.


Best Online Training Platform I Have Seen!

When I first discovered Wealthy Affiliate Online Training I was of course, a bit dubious. I had been less than impressed with my past experiences. I soon learned that you don’t even need your credit card to start, and includes training with two free WordPress websites. That was the start I needed to get my online career off the ground. 3 Years on now and I have never looked back, I now have all the expert training and support needed to run my Online businesses.


Watch the video below on how it all works!



Click The Link Below To Start Your Business Today!


Uncover the secrets to making money online.
Scam Free Way To Make Money


Handy Website Links! 


The handy website links below are to help you start an online business and to give you extra ways to make money whilst you are building an online presence. You will also find relevant topics on how to get ranked highly in Google using proven SEO methods and how not to be scammed online. If you have any questions about any matters, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment box below.



What Is A Scammer Online?


What is a scammer online and how do we avoid their scams? Scams are prevalent on the net and many unsuspecting people get caught up with them every day! The links below can show you how you can avoid a scam and could save you thousands.



What Is A Job On The Net?


Laptop and Iphone sitting on a desk


What is a job on the net and what equipment do you need to run your home business? The link below will show you 5 main categories of online work and what they involve. I’ve also included a link to my Job Security page which is worth a read in today’s flimsy economy.



Free SEO Tips!


Search engine optimization
Good SEO Tactics.


Online SEO is crucial and free SEO tips are vital when first creating your websites. The links below can give you a great start with your on page SEO and show you how to set up your posts and pages.




Fun Pages Within My Site


Cartoon adult business man
Life Is Meant To Be Fun.


Below, I have created some fun pages on my site for you to enjoy. Please feel free to share anything you want, and please do enjoy.



How To Contact Us


The following links are included for your convenience and a way of showing you that How To Succeed At Online Marketing is totally 100% legit.



Leave Jeff A Comment


I respect your opinion and would love to hear what you think. Have you ever been scammed online, or are you just starting out and would like some advice? I love feedback in any form and look forward to hearing from you.


Thank’s for visiting Free Website SEO Tools and I wish you the best in your endeavors.



Founder of How To Succeed At Online Marketing.

43 thoughts on “Free Website SEO Tools

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I found your website very informative and detailed on the online marketing industry. I found the tips on website load time for pages which I was not aware of the importance for ranking. Any questions regarding this area I would like to contact you for further assistance if you don’t mind. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. checked out your website whilst surfing around the net and what a great site you have there, Jeff. Very informative and I learnt a few more SEO tricks that I did not even know about. I do Affiliate Marketing myself and I’m currently paying a lot more than Wealthy Affiliate.
    Is it true I can join for free to have a good look around and host my website?
    Cheers, Dennis.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a true gem under a huge mountain, Dennis. I have been working on the net for quite some time and have tried various online businesses.
      Whilst the web is a vast highway of information and marketing platforms, there are also plenty of dangers to avoid. I would not to hesitate to recommend Wealthy affiliate as one of the best marketing platforms on the net today
      Best regards,

  3. Hey Jeff,

    Just saw your website on page 2 and clicked to check out your site. Great Job! You certainly know what you’re doing. Your website looks great and you have a very interesting audience.
    You have a ton of great tips on this site. and I love your “Fun Pages”. Great idea!
    You handle things like a Pro over here. I’m taking notes and learning.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your website for future updates that you post.
    Have a Cracker day Mate! (<- I learned that from Jeff's fun pages)

    1. Appreciate what you have said here, Jim. I am in the process of writing up some new posts that “review” different Blogging leaning Platforms. This task should take me a couple of weeks to complete and I invite you to drop by then.
      Best regards,

  4. Hi Jeff!

    I am a member of the wealthy affiliate community and I must say there is no place like it on the whole internet. It has comprehensive training on how to build a solid business online. Plus support 24/7.

    If only there was a way to let everyone who wants to start a business online know about wealthy affiliate. The community is so vibrant!

    Thank you for sharing the information.


    1. Well put, Danielle.
      This is the exact reason why I love the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and all the training modules and support this down to Earth Company provides.
      My website is designed to give folks an honest opinion about what Wealthy Affiliate is about and all that they offer. Sadly, a lot of people want to get rich quick and can fall for shonky online operators. I see this happen all too often and the end result can leave folks losing their hard earned money and a bad taste in their mouth from the experience.
      All we can do is to help guide people to the safest way to do online work and give them the help and support they may need to their path to success with working on the net.
      Kind regards,

  5. Hello Jeff,
    I came across your site while searching for an online money making opportunity. Your site is well set out and Wealthy Affiliate looks like a place I can learn online maketing . I have tried many online opportunities but I haven’t found one that’s worked for me really well so I think I will try this one.

    1. Marketing platforms on the net that has free membership are very hard to find online today.
      A lot of them offer you the World, but once you have joined you can receive little in the way of help and support. This is one of the major factors why people fail when attempting to start a home business.
      If you want your life to be better, then giving up is not an option and I’m happy to hear you are going to look at Wealthy Affiliate. It will not cost you a dime to join up and you can make up your own mind to the opportunities that exist in this genuine marketing learning platform.
      I can help you if you have any questions on how to get started within Wealthy Affiliate.
      Best regards,

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I’m so glad I came across your site. I’ve been looking for a way of earning passive income online and your site explains it beautifully.

    You have a wealth of information here and you obviously know your stuff!

    I’m always a bit wary about these online companies, so how can I be sure that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just another scam?

    1. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free without spending a dime and you can stay a free member forever if you want. With the free membership, you can build and host 2 free websites and entitles you to the 10 step training course.
      Whilst you are setting up your website, this will give you plenty of time to look around the platform and get to know the genuine community here. If you like what you see you have the options of staying a free member or to go Premium.
      The choice is yours and there’s definitely no pressure either way at Wealthy Affiliate. If you need a hand starting up your business, I would be more than happy to help you, Stev.
      Kind regards,

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