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Before I Become An Online Entrepreneur!


Before I become an online entrepreneur, life wasn’t all that easy and involved long hours with little reward. Everyday was a struggle and finding the money to pay for everything was just downright painful! When I had to finally close my Car Detailing Business, I thought life was over… Who is going to hire a “Middle Aged Man” in today’s economy? Well, luckily for me, I happened to stumble onto a Marketing Platform that has changed my life!!


Why I Love My Career And My New Life!


My name is Jeff and I have been involved with Online Marketing for the past 3 Years. One of the things I love about this game is you can build websites that sit on “autopilot” and make you money 24/7, 365 days a year.



Fully automatic
Love the fact that my websites make money on Autopilot!

I first started my online career through joining an MLM Company but only lasted 6 months. My heart was in the right place but found the support needed to make money just didn’t cut it! So after being a couple of thousand dollars lighter, I finally discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Been there for over 3 years now and have never looked back with 6 niche websites to my name.

Because I found this Company to be the undisputed leader in Online Training and Support, I also have 3 Websites promoting this very prestigious learning platform. It’s taken a little bit of hard work, but hey, it is really worth it down the track.


picture of myself wearing a black suit.
I now do a lot of Overseas Traveling and can work on my sites anywhere I can get an Internet connection. There’s a lot to be said for starting a business online with 2016 netting 1.95 Trillion Dollars in sales and 2017 is predicted to net over 2.5 Trillion Dollars. It is also predicted by the Year 2020′ the total sales on the net will exceed over 4 Trillion Dollars!
So it really makes good sense to grab a slice of the pie and to secure your future today.
With all the best regards in 2018, Jeff.

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Thinking of starting an online business yourself? Right now is the best time to start because you can secure your future for a better life! Got any questions? Please leave me a comment below to let me know how you are traveling?

Here’s to your online success.
Your friend, Jeff. 😃

2 thoughts on “About Jeff

  1. Hello, Jeff.
    As like many people, I usually do a lot of research on how to succeed at online marketing. It’s easy to find a lot of articles like making money online, how to profit fast or tips and tricks on online marketing. With all the information on internet marketing, I find it really hard to find GOOD content right?
    I Found your site to contain great quality content and appreciate your honesty on your, What Is Online Money page? I want to succeed working from home and perhaps, win a lot of money on the internet. Online entrepreneurship is not easy but with proper methodology and with your guidance, it will be a certain way to success!

    1. Thank you for leaving such a detailed comment for me, Andre. I’m really happy you found my posts to be a genuine take on online marketing. There is a lot of questionable content on the net today and this will get worse as times get harder! I have been an honest businessman over my 25 Years and whilst you see less honorable operators sprout up then disappear, I am still here.
      I’m a little worried though when you say you want to win a lot of money on the Internet. In my experience, only the scammers running these kinds of ventures are the ones that get all the money?
      Such as life, there is no easy way to become an instant Millionaire on the net. These kinds of schemes prey on people’s eagerness to get money fast! The only exception to this is if we go and buy a ticket in a mega lottery draw and see if we are very, very lucky.
      You can definitely make a lot of money online using proven methods that work, but you will have to do some work in the initial stages. Such is life, hey.
      Once you have your website setup, I can definitely show you some ways to speed up this process by using the power of comments.
      I would be more than happy to mentor you and show you the right ways to get your website ranked in Google faster and get you on your way to financial freedom!
      Kind regards, Jeff.

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